About this project


Scrutiny Debugger is an open source project published under MIT license, with no restrictions. It is hosted on GitHub and was originally developed in Montreal, Canada. The project commenced in 2021 and continues to be developed voluntarily during the developers' personal free time.

The inspiration for this project stemmed from the lack of suitable open-source calibration tools available in 2021. This gap still seems to exist at the time of the first release in 2024. The capabilities of the Scrutiny Debugger are a harmonious blend of the best features that the authors have experienced with various paid software used in the automotive industry. While there are many additional features on our wishlist, we can only implement those that our free time permits.

The IT infrastructure (website, CI server/agents, domains) is funded by the developers personal money.

The technologies

With flexibility as a fundamental principle for development, most features of Scrutiny are developed using modern and free technologies. Here are the key points:

  • The GUI is an Electron/React project
  • The server is written in Python 3.8+ and is fully typed. IT is verified against mypy static analyzer
  • The communication between clients and the server is done through websockets
  • The instrumentation library is written C++11, built with CMake and verified through a cppcheck (free static analyzer).
  • All communication protocols are custom.
  • Everything is verified through Continuous Integration using Jenkins